Providing a self sufficient science & ICT laboratory for any environment or location. The Eco Science Bench (ESB) is the only science and ICT laboratory powered by renewable energy. It can therefore provide science and ICT teaching facilities in any location where mains power is unavailable, unstable or unreliable. It is ideal for developing countries that see science and technology education as a priority.

Independent power supply
Using either solar or wind power or a combination of the two the Eco Science Bench is provided with an independent power supply to two heavy duty batteries contained within the unit. These batteries store power as 12 volts which is then inverted to 220-240 volts for mains power. Site location will determine the number of solar panels and the type of wind turbine required but typically two 65 Watt solar panels with a small wind turbine will provide sufficient power for the bench to operate with full power during a working day. This would allow a computer to be used constantly and provide sufficient power for the use of a PC projector when required.

Energy Management System
The renewable energy input, storage and output from the batteries is maintained via an energy management system contained within the bench. This controls and upgrades power as it is required. An emergency shutdown option is employed should the output exceed the stored power. All electrical components meet international UK/EU regulations for Health & Safety. 

Further features:
Trespa Athlon bench top
Pull out bench top extensions
Double gas tap with standard tubing
Water tap and sink – fully functional with water pump
Clean & waste water tanks
Sockets for mains peripherals e.g. computer
Computer monitor arm available as an accessory
Computer/laptop internal space
Low voltage power supply
Screw sockets for standard retort stands
Gratnells storage trays

*Requires 3.5/4.5kg Butane gas bottle and regulator to be purchased separately by the school.

Dimensions: Length: 1800 mm Depth: 830 mm Height: 934 mm Weight: 350 kgs approx

The Eco Science Bench requires installation space for the solar and wind turbine which are mounted on mast. The mast is secured via steel ropes into a concrete base. Power cables take electricity to a junction box fitted within the building. From here a power cable links to the ESB. Full installation instructions are provided although Irwin staff will install at a cost. In multiple supply projects installation will be included with the project proposal.